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Welcome to yabo官网Compass Working Capital where we are supporting families to build assets and financial capabilities as a pathway to greater economic opportunity and out of poverty.在Coyabo官网mpass营运资本,我们重视与客户之间的信任和信任关系。我们有责任非常认真地保护您与我们分享的个人信息。本隐私政策适用于我们在您访问我们的网站时收集的信息–www.compastworkingcapital.org和。yabo官网It explains the information we collect on our websites and online and how we use your information.通过访问我们的网站,如本隐私政策所述,您同意我们收集和使用您的信息。

1。Information We Collect and How We Collect It

We collect your personally identifiable information only when necessary to provide you with our services,and we keep it only for as long as necessary to fulfill our program requirements or comply with applicable law.我们以三种方式收集信息:当您向我们提供信息时,automatically by us,and from others.


联系方式。当你注册我们的邮件列表时,讲习班或询问我们的课程,we collect contact information,such as your name,phone number,电子邮件地址,以及邮寄地址。

  • 应用程序信息.当你申请我们的课程时,we may collect your name,电子邮件,phone number,current and previous address,社会保险号,date of birth,and other contact information.We may also collect demographic information,such as your age,gender and race/ethnicity,婚姻状况和教育。
  • 程序信息。当你参加我们的计划时,we may also collect your credit scores,住房和就业信息,收入,税务信息和项目出勤率。我们的Privacy Notice私人住宅区γ 私人旅馆)您的具体计划信息发布表和参与协议进一步解释了我们可以收集的信息以及我们如何维护和共享您的个人信息。
  • Credit Card Information.If you make a donation through our website,我们也收集你的名字,信用卡或借记卡信息,电话和手机号码,通讯地址,电子邮件地址,以及完成交易的账单地址。


  • Usage Information.We may also collect general information about your use of our website,such as your computer IP address,唯一的移动设备标识符,browser type,ISP or carrier name,和页面你访问我们的网站。
  • Social Media Information.如果你使用Facebook,链接蛋白,Twitter,or other social media sites to sign up,we may collect the information that you submit through that site.当你在Facebook上“喜欢”我们或“关注”我们的其他社交媒体网站时,we will also collect your name and e-mail address from that site.If you submit information through social media sites,您的信息受其隐私政策的控制,您共享的信息可能会被公众看到。
  • 来自cookie的信息。我们的网站可能会使用“cookies”帮助您个性化您的在线浏览。A cookie is a string of text that a web page server stores on your computer to tell the server that you have returned.For example,如果你把我们的网站加入书签,cookie有助于网站回忆您以后访问的具体信息。您可以接受或拒绝cookies。
  • 跟踪技术,不跟踪请求。We do not use any technology that tracks your online activities over time and across third-party web sites,我们也不打算在将来这样做。因此,我们对不跟踪Web浏览器发送的请求不提供响应。

我们鼓励您查看您选择从我们的网站链接到的网站的隐私声明,以便您了解这些网站是如何收集的,use and share your information.yabo官网Compass Working Capital is not responsible for the privacy statements or other content on websites outside of our websites.

(C)  Information We Collect from Others

我们还从其他人那里收集您的个人信息,比如信贷局,住房管理局和其他项目合作伙伴。For example,we will obtain your credit score as part of providing you with financial coaching services.我们也可以获得租金,housing information and FSS escrow balances from your housing provider as part of your participation in our programs.您同意我们可以在适用于您特定指南针计划的信息发布表和参与协议中从其他人处获得的个人信息。yabo官网

2。How We Use Your Personal Information

我们收集并使用您的个人信息为您提供我们的服务,为了和你交流你的计划,or to send you updates,newsletters,surveys and other communications that may be of interest to you.不时地,我们可以代表外部服务合作伙伴与您联系,了解您可能感兴趣的特定服务或计划。在这些情况下,您的个人身份信息(电子邮件,姓名,地址,telephone number) is not shared with third parties.


We do not sell,未经您的同意,为自己的营销目的,与第三方租赁或共享个人信息。We share your personal information with third parties in the following limited ways:

  • 员工和顾问。We may disclose information about you to our employees and consultants that need to know the information in order to help us deliver our services or to process the information for us.We require our employees and consultants to safeguard personal information that we share with them.
  • 程序提供者。我们可以与我们值得信赖的项目合作伙伴(如住房管理局,联合家庭业主和服务组织)需要了解您的信息,以便为您提供服务并帮助我们管理我们的计划。The types of data we share and how we share them are described further in your program's information release form and participation agreement.禁止这些合作伙伴使用您的个人信息,除非用于管理您的特定计划,and they are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.
  • 第三方供应商.我们也可以与我们的第三方供应商和服务提供商共享有关您的数据,以向我们提供他们的服务。这些供应商帮助我们为您提供服务,such as hosting our website and client management system,捐赠时处理您的信用卡/借记卡信息,or providing data analysis and research to help us evaluate the impact of our programs.禁止所有此类第三方使用您的个人信息,除非提供这些服务以获得营运资金,yabo官网and they are required to make privacy commitments in order to share information with them.
  • 征得你的同意。经您同意或按您的要求,我们可以共享和披露信息。For example,we may share your information with your housing provider or program providers as you authorize us to do so in the applicable information release form.
  • 聚合和取消识别的信息。We may share information that has been aggregated or reasonably de-identified,so that the information could not reasonably be used to identify you.例如,我们可以发布关于我们项目参与和影响的汇总统计数据。
  • 合规和保护。We reserve the right to disclose your personal information,without notice,if required by law or when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary to comply with law;defend against legal claims;or to protect the rights,property or safety of our organization,网站的其他用户,或公众;或者执行我们的使用条款。

4。Information You Share Publicly

当你使用我们的社交媒体页面时,你可以分享评论,评论,故事,或其他信息。如果您选择向我们提交此类信息,公众可以获得这些信息。If you write a comment on our Facebook or another social media pages,请记住,此信息由Facebook或其他网站的隐私政策管理,一般公众可以查看此信息。

5.Security of Your Personal Information

我们努力保护您的个人信息。我们使用合理和适当的技术和组织措施保护您的个人信息不受未经授权的访问,使用或披露。我们还将对您的个人信息的访问权限限制为员工和顾问,他们合理地需要这些信息来为您提供服务,或者做他们的工作。When personal information (such as a credit card number) is transmitted to other websites,它通过加密保护,such as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.然而,because no security system is perfect,we cannot completely guarantee the security of your information.In addition,我们无法控制您可能访问的其他网站的安全性,即使这些网站的链接可能出现在我们的网站上。

6。Opt-Out and Unsubscribe

我们尊重您的隐私,让您有机会选择不接收我们的促销信息。您可以通过单击电子邮件底部的“取消订阅”链接或通过info@comparsworkingcapital.org与我们联系来停止接收来自我们的电子邮件。yabo官网如果您选择退出促销信息,we may still send you messages relating to your program,appointments and legal notices.

7。Changes to this Policy



We welcome your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy.您可以在Compass营运资本联系我们,yabo官网南街89号,804号套房,Boston,MA 02111-电子邮件:info@yabo官网 (617) 790-0810.